Load Control

Load Control

Pre-Loading Inspection is checking the conformity of the product to your desired specifications on selected samples.

Is the incoming product the product you ordered?
Are all quality and safety criteria met?
The tests and control methods applied during the pre-loading controls assure the buyer/importer against the following risks regarding the quality and design of the product.
Encountering products that do not meet the ordered specifications
Invalid or fake certification marks
Failure to comply with predetermined quality and safety requirements
Visual, structural, technical, functional and safety errors in the product

As GCN TURK, we ensure your product safety with the tests and controls we conduct with our expert auditors, thus protecting you against risks such as customer complaints, product returns, loss of money and image.

Pre-Installation Control Stages
Packing/Packaging Control
aesthetic control
User guide
functional control
Security check
Compliance with Standards
Regulatory Compliance (CE, CB, etc.)
Compliance with customer special requests

When the controlled products do not meet the required conditions, the relevant lot is rejected. Rejected products are corrected by the manufacturer. After the necessary corrections are made, the products are checked again.