About Us

About Us

Our company, which was established as Foreign Trade, Logistics and International investment planning and consultancy within the Atak Group of Companies in 1995, went through a restructuring in 2010 and expanded its fields of activity by adding certification services such as System Certification, Product Certification, International Inspection and Inspection Transactions.

GCN TURK has international accreditations and authorizations both with itself and with its partners.

It serves its customers in a reliable, objective, impartial and confidential manner.

With its network, GCN TURK can carry out all its activities by providing uninterrupted service to its customers in many parts of the world.

GCN TURK can provide certification, testing and inspection processes, as well as technology and R&D services in many sectors, mainly metal and machinery, metallurgy, energy, textile and chemistry.

GCN TURK has been appointed as a Notified Body under the 2014/33/EU elevator regulation by the European Union with the number NB2729.