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Certification of your company’s Energy Management System according to EN 16001

Please be informed that the new standard EN 16001 about Energy Management Systems for companies has been issued.

The management of the energy in the company aims to record the energy consumption and the possible improvement (energy savings) that will bring significant economic benefit to the company.

The Energy Management System according to EN 16001, is complementary to the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 and besides the economic benefit that is being assured for the company, also gives a company profileenvironmental friendly through the energy savings.

For the last three years, MIRTEC is strongly activated in energy saving in buildings and industrial premises, has trainedseveral engineers, energy consultants – inspectors and is offering certification according to EN 16001 in parallel with training of the responsible for the energy management of your company.

If there is an initial interest from your side, please contact us for further details.

On behalf of MIRTEC SA

  1. Dimitriadis

Manager of Athens Office

Başvuru Talep Formu